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The customer is a renowned media and entertainment company with content creation abilities across platforms and genres. They have expanded into 5 verticals, all of which allow for synergy across the platforms in terms of content development, communication, and development of thought and leadership.


The customer had a research team that analyzed the data received from a TAM (Television Audience Measurement) application for its own channels and its competitors. However, the team needed to manually clean up and run reports from the application. It was a tedious and time-consuming task to generate and maintain reports, with more time spent on report generation than on analyzing the reports.


Digital Convergence Technologies Inc. (DCT) worked closely with the customer to meet the challenge.

We developed a visualization dashboard that facilitated automated report generation and automated processing of the TAM files, thereby providing specific/relevant data required for various analyses at the click of a button, whenever it was required.

The key feature of this solution of was integration of Business Intelligence (BI) by means of certain reporting tools. These reporting tools provided a deep insight into the available /collated data, while maintaining a user-friendly interface. As a result, data could be visualized at a glance in various formats such as bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs etc. Easy-to-understand customized reports could be generated in no time.

In addition to the above, we ensured that through our solution information could be available and accessible for consumption on-the-go across varied platforms –Web or Mobile.

Some examples of the various reports generated are presented in the section that follows—


Dashboarding Screenshots

Dashboarding Screenshots

Dashboarding Screenshots

Dashboarding Screenshots


The DCT solution resulted in improved efficiencies for the customer. The customer no longer needed to go through the tedium of having to manually generating reports and sifting through huge chunks of data. Information was now available on-the-fly across varied platforms –Web or Mobile.

Our cross-device, cross-platform solution provided a dashboard where all the data were available as one repository from which information could be downloaded in various formats - PDFs, Excel etc. The team no longer needed to spend hours analyzing the reports for critical pieces of information that could impact the business in a positive way.

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