Case Study

Editorial Services for a Top US-based Medcom Agency

About the client

Our customer is a mid-sized healthcare communications agency that has decades of experience and knowledge in providing full services along the pharmaceutical corridor. Being a medcom agency, the client renders services to US healthcare and pharma giants.


They had a decentralized service delivery model with duplicative functions, processes, and technology. There was little central control and governance over business support services. As a result, their business model was fragmented and subscale.


We buddied up with the subject matter experts (SMEs) within the fold of the client’s agency in the United States, lending a support system with respect to Editorial services. Our services included:

  • Copy Editing
  • Fact/Reference Checking
  • Proofreading
  • Transcription – Business, Interviews, Video, Academic
  • Electronic Submissions
  • Bibliography Assessment
  • Multilingual Module Beta Reviews
  • Voiceover Reviews
  • PDF Markup and Annotation

The types of documents and materials for editing were varied in scope and required rapid gear-shifting by the DCT editorial team, as these included—

  • medical manuscripts
  • brochures
  • modules
  • manuals
  • executive summaries
  • package inserts
  • voiceovers

Ours was a results-driven and feedback-based process that helped streamline the client’s delivery process by offering high-quality editorial services.

Value We Added

We successfully developed a true 24/7 transnational delivery model that saved on infrastructure and technology. With a strong focus on core areas and a short transition cycle, we provided faster and better services.

Our ability to understand and match the client’s sense of urgency across editorial jobs allowed us to cover all bases in delivering:

  • 620+ projects with 10,375+ man hours over a 2-year span
  • not a single missed deadline—even with tight 24-hour turnaround times
  • 100% transparency
  • detailed requirement gathering
  • stringent quality control processes

A bottom line impact of more than 35% and the ability to scale up to 50% rapidly was proof enough for the client to make us the SPOC for all their content and editorial needs.

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