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Interactive Experience for a leading media and entertainment company

About the client

Our customer is a leading media and entertainment company with a reach of over 168 million every week, across India and 65 countries across the globe. Its portfolio includes 32 channels in 8 different languages.
They wanted to extend their reach to multiple devices and platforms, while promising a “More than TV” experience to their prospects. In short, they wanted a ‘Video on Demand’ platform. Their online portal initiative ‘’ had already leveraged 21st century technology in delivering rich media content to their viewers.

The Challenge

The customer wanted to provide an exceptional interactive experience to their viewers. They wanted their content to be made rich with features such as videos (movies, shows, clips, etc.), schedule, content, and other formats. They were looking for a vendor who could work with multiple technologies and be able to seamlessly integrate it in implementing their business vision.

Their main expectation was to deliver content to their users, even while they were ‘on the go,’ i.e., enable anytime, anywhere content consumption.

In short, our customer wanted their user to define how, where and in what format they would like to access our customer’s content, thus enriching their experience with their brand.

The Digital Convergence Technologies Solution

DCT adopted a consultative approach in first identifying the customer’s business needs and then completely overhauling and architecting a solution that ensured that the customer’s business objectives were met through a new customer management solution.

After discussions with the customer, we realized that a rapidly increasing percentage of TV viewers now find themselves engaging in ‘multi-screen viewing’ - watching TV while talking to a customer on the phone, and/or furiously tapping away on a tablet or a laptop. Making it more complicated, young media consumers want to make an easy switch from smart TV apps to ‘play-along’ games to hopping on the social networking sites – all at one go – making cross-device viewing a mandated, essential feature of their media consumption habits.

Keeping these viewership habits and trends in mind, the DCT team worked with Autonomy TeamSite\LiveSite content management software. This is a standard platform for content creation, management, and publishing on the client’s website.
In order to provide web analytics, we made user behavior data actionable and helped build relevant content on the site that would engage their target audience.
With the use of ‘Interwoven CMS’ DCT was able to provide a comprehensive rich media content management solution that:

  • Enabled our customer to upload a new video in flat 15 minutes, gather audience response and accordingly make adjustments the next morning
  • It took no time to make new offers and make the most of every new customer acquisition and interaction
  • Any changes involving approvals and execution could be done seamlessly within minutes, without disrupting the traffic on the site
  • Users (of owner’s content) can make changes and make it go live in real-time
  • The website can distribute and replicate all types of content and application code. OpenDeploy technology has allowed the customer to significantly reduce the labor involved in distribution.
  • It provided convenient access to the entire platform through a single screen.
  • The technology shortened development cycles, reduced the need for IT involvement, and improved the overall quality and timeliness of online content.
  • The solution enabled customers to upload their personal videos into the new platform (user generated content) that had to be run past an internal approval process before appearing live on the site, subject to some sort of an internal monitoring
  • Ensured seamless integration of best in class products.

Finally, DCT integrated different service providers in such as PayPal, Billdesk, Sales Force, Ooyala and AdTech.
Going forward, DCT is ready to capture changing market demands and introduce more such innovative features to

The Outcome

Our solutions guarantee three specific benefits to VoD consumers:
Explore: Scientific browsing, pro-active search, personalized content and broadcaster recommendation
Reach: Unlimited reach on iOS, Android, Blackberry (RIM) and Microsoft cross-device platforms
Engagement: 2nd Screen, companion viewing and an easy, effortless flit across various social networking sites
In terms of content syndication and the enhanced opportunity to monetize various content distribution options and develop each as a separate revenue stream, the DCT VoD solution offered our customer the following benefits:
Social integration
Our customer’s viewers could watch, share and interact with their fans and followers. We gave them a fully integrated suite of tools to fully interact with, propagate and syndicate our customer’s content and brand and reward their self-appointed ‘brand ambassadors’ while throwing open new opportunities for engagement and monetization for our customer.
Widgets & embeddable players
The DCT solution enabled viewers and partners to embed players directly into their own websites or/and blogs, thereby tapping into a new audience universe and increasing our customer’s reach. With these changes, our customer could later develop powerful affiliate networks to promote its content and products through integrated widgets and web assets.
Developer toolkits
We developed tools and API’s for the rapidly growing developer community so that our customer could access new heights of innovation and growth.
Smart TV apps
We were eventually able to factor in all futuristic possibilities and the next wave of television viewing to enable a more immersive experience and deeper brand affinity for our customer.

In doing all this and more, DCT managed to

  • Add rich media, including music, videos, games, mobile apps, and more to
  • Created an interactive online venue
  • Deployed the new site in record timeframe
  • Enabled site access from any mobile device
  • Provided flexible platform for future modification and scalability
  • Made recommendations for monetization of their rich media content

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