Case Study

Global campaign for a leading digital media and content group

Client - Perform

About the client

PERFORM is a leading digital media and content group having a global presence. With a media coverage on about 10+ digital platforms in 15+ languages and with over 150 million monthly users, Perform connects with sports fans to provide sports updates.

PERFORM delivers its services through 3 divisions. Perform Media connects brands, such as Goal, Spox, ePlayer etc., with sports fans by delivering high quality, credible multi-sport content across a global digital network. Perform Content is another division that creates, analyses and delivers live data, video and editorial content for the biggest events in the world of sport. A pioneering live sports service division, DAZN provides live and on-demand premium sports content across all connected devices.

The Problem

The client wanted to run global ad campaigns for their products.
Major challenges with global campaigns are that their target audience is spread across the world. These campaigns run throughout the year in multiple bursts. With a 24/7 global coverage, lack of true backup was a challenge.
At PERFORM, operational team structure and hierarchy mandated individual teams to report to respective sales heads across geographies. This resulted in disparate business processes and duplication of efforts due to multiple locations. Owing to huge revenue attached with the Global campaigns, optimal use of time and resources was required.


For each country, different creatives were made. Specific campaign modifications, creative changes, trackers were provided for every burst. Trafficking pre-roll video was major time consuming factor for these campaigns. The global campaign had more than 250+ flights. Moreover, we could not use date splits feature in the Adserver as most of the time the impressions were different, which led to increase in the total number of flights we trafficked.

Since this campaign was run for many products spread across different time zones, special attention was provided to each flight. Running a wrong creative or assigning wrong companion for a master flight would be difficult and time consuming to debug, and a simple mistake could result in huge revenue loss.

The DCT Solution

DCT provided support in terms of structured and multi-functional operations team at a single location to allow flexibility. We created true back-up support as well as the required hierarchy for supporting global customer requests. By implementation of industry best practices in operations and client servicing we created a Global Delivery Model. In the process, DCT helped standardize and centralize workflows, SOPs, process docs, technical docs, reporting processes, and monitoring mechanisms.

We set-up the videos for the ad campaigns on FTP. We then added them to creative library and created the order and traffic the campaign. For video pre-roll, we created a separate order for the respective country. We followed a different naming convention to have better identification in the report while optimizing or pushing campaign delivery. To save time we copied the identical flights and made minor changes accordingly (i.e. Impressions, Start Date, End Date, targeting, etc).

These campaigns were run in small bursts and monitored at regular intervals. Buffer inventory of 10% was allocated to these campaigns.

The Outcome

DCT worked and delivered on 23,000+ flights worth a very large revenue for PERFORM. The average quality percentage was at 99.3% based on flight level.

Our extensive reporting helped reduce the onsite Campaign Manager’s time by 30% to 50% and further reduced common delivery misses.


  • Timely and error-free delivery of the ad flights
  • 24 x 7 coverage with teams (Ad Ops, Design & Technical teams) working together and across time-zones
  • Multi-skillset availability within the same location
  • Issue resolution with quick TaT
  • Reserve buffer resources as a business practice to ensure knowledge redundancy and availability
  • Revenue Optimization through procedural value adds like Campaign Delivery Dashboards, Extensive Reporting.

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