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DCT‘s Digital Business Services (DBS) suite is a holistic solution for businesses looking to overcome competitive pressures in a digitally aggressive world, without having to pay top dollar. This model unites different functional strategies into a collective synergy to help our media and entertainment customers achieve their enterprise objectives.


More often than not, business functions are too focused on building their own operational capabilities and efficiencies rather than on their contribution to the larger corporate objectives.

To lower operational costs, improve business processes, and accelerate growth, it is critical to embrace transformation, build cross-functional synergies with the same levels of quality, security, and compliance, while keeping pace with innovation as well. Many organizations struggle to do this due to a decentralized business approach, while others align their corporate strategy to a more integrated model.

A comprehensive KPMG Maturity Research Study identifies 5 stages of business maturity—moving from a fragmented and decentralized approach to a more integrated and strategically driven one. Where a company stands in this maturity graph determines what steps it could take to help navigate through each stage to move to more advanced levels of building efficiencies.

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DBS Model


DCT is a one-stop-shop for re-shaping your business processes and technology solutions to help you achieve your top and bottom line objectives.

DCT consults with media and entertainment organizations helping them identify and execute on digital growth strategies by improving workflow processes, selecting and developing the appropriate technology, and structuring a cohesive strategy. This results in increased customer insight, improved market share, quicker time to market, and a more agile company.

Our experts have worked on end-to-end solutions for media and entertainment companies and can help you analyze and re-think your approach to the market.

With 150,000+ hours of experience between them, our consultant team brings together expertise in a wide array of fields, including:

  • New Product Deployment, Enterprise Software Architecture & Integration Services
  • Ad Tech & Programmatic
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Creative Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content & Editorial—to mention just a few

Our collective expertise across multiple disciplines and skill sets ensures that all areas of your business are covered. And we won’t leave it at that. We will then help you execute the agreed-upon strategy by providing you with the services and technology you need for your digital continuum.


As Platinum Partners and Systems Integrators for Verizon Digital Media Services' (VDMS) end-to-end solutions in India, we help broadcasters, over-the-top (OTT) providers and content owners optimize their online revenue streams, and help deliver customized and personalized experiences to their new generation viewers. We deliver VDMS solutions integration for Media Xperience Studio, Uplynk Video Streaming (and Server Side Ad Insertion), Edgecast Content Delivery Network, Server Side Ad Insertion, and Volicon Media Intelligence Service.

We help build and integrate reliable end-to-end enterprise applications and solutions where we consult, plan, and undertake productization right from requirement gathering and architecting thru to development and deployment. This comprises building hybrid/native apps utilizing various skill sets and capabilities, such as—ad ecosystem integration, ad stitching, programmatic, rich media development, ad operations, social media integration, content and editorial services, and business intelligence and analytics.

DBS Video Landscape


While Internet of Things is changing the face of media and entertainment, we help bridge the gap between emerging technologies and audiences by integrating effective technologies that help broadcasters, content producers, and content publishers deliver, display, and monetize content for distribution across various platforms.

As part of our DBS Consulting services, our consultants can help assess your existing broadcasting needs and will work with you to define and implement best-of-breed technologies and solutions to meet your enterprise goals and objectives.

Whether you are a small publisher of online video content or a global broadcaster, we’ve got you covered! Just to give you an idea of who we consult with and who can benefit from our SI integration consulting services—

  • Studio networks, Broadcasters, and OTT content providers with licensed content
  • If you have VOD, Live, Linear or Non-Linear content
  • Content producers who are looking for a solution to create a direct consumer experience on multiple platforms and devices
  • If you have a website and/or mobile app distributing video content and want to support 360-degree videos.
  • Sports streaming rights holders: professional leagues and teams, school sports leagues/teams, eSports tournaments.
  • If you produce live events such as conferences, music concerts, town hall meetings, etc.
  • If you use live encoding technologies


Companies that benefit the most from working with DCT's DBS model are those looking to:

  • Lower their cost structure or reallocate investment to support digital revenue growth
  • Get a comprehensive understanding of their clients and use this understanding to shape new revenue opportunities
  • Increase market share and compete more effectively in an agile market
  • Help their product and technology teams launch products faster
  • Counter forces that are transforming their business and impacting sales and profits.


If you have a challenge for us, we assure you we have a solution for it! Give us a call or write to us and we will work with you to help discover the possibilities.

If you have a challenge for us, we assure you we have a solution for it!
Give us a call or write to us and we will work with you to help discover the possibilities.

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