Digital insurgence in the publishing industry has dramatically changed the way people discover, purchase, and consume content. Publishers fear obsolescence as they struggle to keep pace with changing digital needs. Find out how DCT can help you streamline your operations and make them more profitable.

We Understand

Publishers increasingly find themselves in the eye of an ever-intensifying, yet fickle, digital storm. In order to contend with declining revenues and to keep pace with their demanding millennial consumers, publishers are having to rapidly adopt innovative strategies.

With more and more audiences preferring to consume content on digital platforms as compared to print mediums, publishers increasingly face the threat of revenue shrinkage in the absence of the ability to adapt to digitization of their content. To avoid becoming obsolete, publishers must discover new revenue streams and implement new strategies to adapt to the ever-changing digital environment.

DCT’s Digital Business Services can help you do just that by providing bespoke solutions and strategies to help you adapt to this swiftly changing digital environment and its demands, so that you can focus on business outcomes.

Why DCT?

At DCT we believe complex problems are best addressed collaboratively. Having implemented cross-functional solutions for multiple clients that include Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies, expertise in lower-cost technology solutions, print production services, ad ops, analytics, and digital marketing has become second nature to us, we have the tour de force to help you fit the pieces of the puzzle together and manage costs effectively.

With 300,000+ hours of experience with media and publishing alone, we have a finger on the pulse of the industry. Our knowledge of technologies and support functions has evolved with time and that enables us to provide best-fit solutions to help create positive impact for you and help you achieve your business goals.

What We Do?

In publishing digitization, one size definitely does not fit all! Our Digital Business Services approach allows the much-desired flexibility that publishers need. Go ahead and check out our Needs & Services grid to find out which services best fit your business objectives.

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