We offer a fully-managed service portfolio that becomes the driving force for businesses to meet their goals faster and does away with the pain of having to deal with a multi-vendor model.

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DCT has been the digital transformation partner for Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies like 21st Century Fox and Disney, and with close to a decade of experience, and having delivered 400+ portals, we help our customers build momentum and gain traction with our digital technology services. From ideation to developing a prototype, right through to deployment—we will walk with you every step of the way in implementing your digital blueprint. We take pride in working collaboratively with our customers for all things digital that helps them grow effectively in a fast-paced digital world and achieve their business goals.

Our technology services include:

Enterprise Content Delivery Platforms
Enabling Middleware Platform
Enterprise Data Management
Intranet Applications
Lead Generation Systems
Content Management Systems (Migration and Development)


With close to a decade of Ad Operations experience, 50,000+ ad campaigns having served 3bn+ impressions, and $300m revenue generated for our clients, ad ops runs in our blood. So whether you are a publisher, an advertiser, an agency, or a network, you can put your feet up and leave it to us to manage, optimize, and deliver your campaigns so you can focus on your core business instead of overheads! Be it ad trafficking, media planning, managing programmatic or rich media services, we have all bases covered for this critical aspect of your business.


Our Ad Tech Services include:

Campaign Setup and Troubleshooting
Campaign Delivery Management
Managed Programmatic Services
Site Analytics and Ad Viewability Implementation
Ad Verification Services
Rich Media Development
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BI & Analytics

Looking for insight from a sea of data? We’ve got your telescope.
Understanding your readers/viewers and how they are interacting with you, their likes and dislikes, their intents, behaviors and demographics, is critical to shaping a good business strategy. Though analytics are not always outward facing. Sometimes they are utilized to look internally, to understand whether you are working efficiently or not and where their might be room for improvement. By integrating and aggregating different data sets and then developing visualization tools to help managers sift through the noise and gain meaningful insight, DCT’s BI and Analytics services helps our clients increase market share and work more efficiently. Whether it be monitoring what is going on in social media or using copyrighted and patentable software tools for engagement analytics, we have delivered actionable insights for over 70+ top international and US brands in a host of different sectors.

What we do:

  • We use a unique combination of technology and subject matter expertise to capture the minutest consumer-relevant details
  • Sift and gather data from a cross-section of internal and external sources
  • Gather social media related metrics to shape social strategy
  • Analyze, simplify and visualize data as actionable insights
  • Develop proprietary algorithms and intellectual property for unstructured data analytics’
  • Integrate customer facing technologies to gather a comprehensive customer profiles
  • Monitor and track social media to understand sentiment, reach and what is being said.


With 300,000+ hours of experience with media and publishing, we have a finger on the pulse of the industry. Our production team is a workhorse that keeps up with the frantic pace of a publishing house and, as a trusted partner, we listen to and understand and can execute on your print production requirements. From initial conceptualization to production and distribution from page layouts and image editing to ad material proofing for print publications, our end to end solutions will address all key areas of the production process making it hassle-free for you.

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Our publishing services include:

Production Management (Sales to Distribution)
E-Newsletters (Setup to Delivery)
Data Management Services
Production Financials (Collation and Reporting)
Website Analytics (Google, Omniture, and more)
XML Conversion
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Creative Design

Compelling storytelling and engaging digital experiences for a visual world!

Everything is visual in this age of digital. For a real connect with an audience that today continually demands something new, what you need is a remarkable visually-compelling experience. This is where we come in! We don’t just have a talented creative design team with skill sets aligned for the work at hand, ours is a team that is always up for a challenge, always eager to think and visualize out-of-the-box ideas and offerings –the very best in terms of aesthetics and functionality. We offer the best layouts, best-suited color palettes, design elements, and functionality to provide an engaging experience for your audiences. Our services include, responsive website design and creation of apps, infographics, brochures, emailers, newsletters, animations, banners, and templates.

Right from conceptualization and ideation to flawless execution, our creative solutions are tailored to ensure that the design concepts translate beautifully across digital media and platforms. We are big on creativity, bigger still on adding value with quick turnaround times.

Our creative design services include:

Responsive Website Design
Native/Hybrid App
Branding & Marketing Collaterals
Promotional Microsites
Web Banners
E-learning Module Responsive Design
Video Concept and Storyboarding
HTML Based Animations
Dashboard Visualization
Artwork Finalization/Prepress
Image Retouching

Digital Marketing & Content

Are you hitting the right people at the right time with the right message in the right context? Does your message connect with them, engage, and inspire action? Is your content geared for online success and driven by a cohesive marketing strategy that builds your brand authority?
In a hyper-digital world, building brand awareness, engaging with and sustaining loyal audiences, without letting operational costs shoot through the roof has become critical…and challenging! But we have you covered. We will work with you to determine the best fit digital marketing and content strategy that will not only engage your audiences, but also move them from brand loyalty to brand insistence.
Whether it is building up your readership base, driving subscription revenue, or increasing impression and engagement levels for your advertisers we can help increase visibility and drive interaction.

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Our Digital Marketing services include:

Digital Audit, Strategy & Business Needs Consulting
Brand Building & Engagement Campaigns
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Display advertising, Banner, and Rich Media
Email Campaigns
Tracking & Analysis

Content Writing & Editorial Services include:

Content Strategy and Development
Social Media Content
Blogs, Press Releases, Brochure & Newsletters
Marketing Collaterals and Presentations
Copy Editing, Proof Reading, Fact Checking
Transcription – Business, Interviews, Video, Academic

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