3 Reasons why Microsoft Power BI is the Best Business Intelligence Tool to Visualize Digital Marketing Analytics

by DCT
July 26th, 2019
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An organization is filled up with tons and tons of data. Emerging technologies have changed the way to deal with the available information and brought in new ways to determine and understand business trends. The availability of information brings not only opportunities but also challenges.

Power BI is a cloud-based tool for big data analytics from Microsoft. Power BI allows the user to visualize and interpret data with a higher rate of performance and perception. Advanced analytics in Power BI helps business users to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time. It helps the business to determine which metrics are driving more opportunities and success.

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Within minutes you can see your data in a new way thanks to content packs, prebuild dashboards and reports. Thus, in one dashboard you will experience a live 360-degree view of your business. Microsoft Power BI uses data mining and BI systems to identify data patterns and has many features that support advanced analytics.

This BI tool brings advanced digital marketing analysis to help users gain important insights and transform data into breakthroughs and solve business problems.

Power BI, one of the best business intelligence tools, has proven to be a great success in the analysis of efforts by companies in Digital Marketing. Here are the top three reasons why you should incorporate this tool to analyze your KPIs and always stay ahead of your competitors.

1) Data from multiple sources in one frame

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Power BI can be connected to multiple database fields and files from where it gathers data to create a visualization. It can be connected to a website, paid campaigns or paid campaign data exported from your Google Analytics account, an excel file or online results of an email campaign, to present the outcomes in a visualized format – all in one frame. Imagine having a snapshot of all Digital Marketing efforts, whether it is Search Engine Optimization, AdWords, Social Media Engagements, Mobile Marketing or Email Marketing.

The BI tool allows you to co-relate marketing metrics from every source and it additionally eliminates the conceivable outcomes of having false positives from your information. Power BI helps you to create interactive dashboards on the fly by connecting with multiple digital marketing services like MailChimp, Google Analytics etc.

2) Interactive Modelling to create a logical connection

Picture courtesy: Microsoft Power BI

You would want the data received from all the sources involved in Marketing to interact with each other. This is where Modelling helps you to create a logical connection between the different data sources. Power BI refers to this connection as a relationship. Power BI picks up the relationship between data sources and interprets how different results relate to one another, giving a diagrammatic perspective.

The data from all the marketing channels are refreshed frequently to make sure stakeholders always have an actual overview of their KPIs and the actions taken. These insights can be viewed seamlessly from your desk or while on the go with Power BI apps built by Microsoft, our partners and your organization.

3) Customized Data Visualization to identify missed opportunities

Northstar Travel Group – Our Success Story

A visual representation of data is called visualization. Microsoft Power BI tool gives an entire scope and interactivity of your marketing journey and lets you enhance it, through a simple dashboard of bar charts and pie charts. It helps in analyzing real-time data and thus makes us identify the early trends, giving us a scope to rectify our mistakes and further improve performance.

Power BI helps us in visualizing data in a customized manner and in turn achieve results out of the box. It is also possible to auto search data sets for hidden insights in seconds, simply answering questions in no time. Hence the main purpose of visualization is to give us more insights to identify more opportunities.

Our BI and Analytics vertical at Digital Convergence Technologies (DCT) Inc., has helped companies and non-data scientists prepare data, build machine learning models, and find insights quickly from both structured and unstructured data, including text and images. DCT Inc prides in being one of the best resellers of Microsoft Power BI tool globally.

Contact us right away to get a free quotation according to your data metrics. Your search for the best BI tool 2019 ends here! See you soon.

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