8 Ways through which DevOps aids in Digital Transformation

by DCT
December 14th, 2021
8 Ways in which DevOps aids in digital transformation

DevOps is the gateway to efficiency. In the constantly evolving digital era we are in, there is no practice that brings together the various fabrics of a company quite like DevOps. For this very reason, it serves many objectives including change, innovation, technology and delivery. Here are 8 unique ways in which DevOps accelerates and promotes digital transformation

Changing the cultural narrative

Before DevOps came into the picture, multiple teams worked independently to serve a cause. Today, DevOps is the only tool that encourages cross-collaboration in an organization. This means teams from security, development and operation works towards digital transformation together. Making problem-solving, execution and innovation much more integrated. This is why changes in the cultural narrative make up the first step in heading towards digital growth.

Hitting the balance between speed and risk

Technology and the digital arena experience changes within the blink of the eye, DevOps matches pace with its fascinating ability to facilitate speedy growth with minimal risk. It does this by putting forth powerful solutions to business needs while also reducing the possibility of data exploits.

Matching speedy growth with competitive security

Through preventive scanning and rigorous automated security checks, DevOps matches the speed of the growth it offers with equally competitive security. Testing and verifying ahead of time helps in foreseeing security loopholes and fixing them rather than scurrying for solutions post-exposure.

Automation improves creativity

By streamlining various processes and improving efficiency, DevOps opens up the bandwidth within a team to dwell on creativity. Employees along with their teams have time to make work feel like play through brainstorming ideas to drive innovation. After all, allocating time for trial and error does fetch better results.

Serving the cost-cutting cause

From the onset of the pandemic, organizations are on the constant lookout to reduce cost and DevOps offers digital transformation on a platter in a cost-efficient fashion. It does this effectively by helping companies build, test and implement serverless technologies.  

Making the feedback loop faster

In the digital era, action is required right at the onset of reaction. DevOps helps deliver feedback from all the stakeholders much faster. This speedy feedback loop helps make changes, adapt and evolve, thereby making the action much faster. This aspect shapes customer demands and contributes a great deal towards digital growth.

Opening up the doors to experimentation

DevOps opens its doors to continuous experimentation to help define and shape the customer experience. It helps organizations that view experiments as risks see the bigger picture by using customer feedback to experiment with solutions and creatively use technology to stay ahead of the curve.

Connecting all the other dots with agility

In the fast-changing world we all live in today, the only digital transformations that turn heads are those that are done in a fast, secure, innovative and efficient manner. This is managed effortlessly by a service like DevOps. With an agile core, DevOps boasts of bringing forth employee satisfaction, cost reduction, cultural shift and time-saving solutions. These functional and unique aspects make DevOps the only road map to an organization’s long-lasting digital growth.

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