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Abacus Insights is a healthcare data management company that focuses on breaking down data silos to provide a highly secure unified data infrastructure. Their platform standardizes data across the healthcare ecosystem, enabling analytics and reducing costs while improving outcomes for their customers.


Abacus Insights needed a partner to help build an offshore captive centre to execute their work in a highly secure and compliant manner. They required technical and business support functions to be set up to support their operations from an Offshore Delivery Centre (ODC).


DCT partnered with Abacus Insights to build an offshore captive centre in Pune, India. DCT provided the secure infrastructure and trained resources required to execute the work.


Implementation phase:

  • To onboard a new customer, the team participates by getting on a discovery call with the end client, creates process maps, high-level solutions, and architectural representation diagrams. Then charts out the entire implementation approach for the customer before handing it over to the technical operation team for day-to-day operations.
  • During the technical operation phase, data engineers built a process map to ingest and query data using Structured Query Language (SQL), while data distribution engineers built a process for data distribution through API, Batch, Extract, Direct Access, etc. They performed data analysis, data mapping, and built data extracts.
  • In the product engineering phase, data architects developed an enterprise product architecture and product design, while a SWAT team focused on improving the experience of the downstream customer.




DCT’s offshore centre in Pune, India is ISO 27001 certified, SOC 2 Type II, and HITRUST compliant. DCT built several Centre of Excellence (CoEs) to provide technical and business support functions.


Technology stack

  • Big Data technologies like Data bricks, Snowflake, etc.
  • Databases – MS SQL, Open-Source SQL [Postgres, MySQL]
  • Event Store, stream processing – Kafka
  • Data Orchestration – Apache Airflow
  • Data processing – Apache Spark
  • DevOps – CI/CD – Git, IaaC, etc.
  • Programming – Python
  • Static Code Analysis – Sonarcube
  • Security & Penetration testing
  • Project Management – Atlassian
  • Automation – Release management, Deployment, Infrastructure
  • Other technologies – Redshift, EMR, Athena, Glue, ADF, Serverless technologies,
  • Container, Container orchestration [Kubernetes], SSO, Queue, Notifications, server clusters

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