Understanding ad operations in the publishing industry

by DCT
September 22nd, 2021

For any publishing company, advertising remains a crucial cornerstone of revenue. To adequately leverage the publishing infrastructure for generating ad revenue, it is essential to employ an effective strategy for ad operations. For publishing companies looking to unlock their revenue potential, here’s a deeper dive into what ad operations involve and what it can help achieve.

What is ad operations?

The primary role of an ad operations team is to serve targeted ads in an optimised manner to reach the desired audience. This also includes overseeing the management and reporting of ad performance in line with the goals of the client. The key to a successful ad campaign is to tailor all variables in accordance with the project objectives, and an ad ops team works on minutely monitoring ads to ensure that they deliver on the intended results. When needed, ongoing campaigns are tweaked and adjusted based on the traffic being generated to ensure that the campaign is successful. 

Role of ad operations:

The ultimate purpose of any advertising campaign for a publishing company is to usher in revenue and retain it for an extended period. An ad operations team can make this possible by implementing the required ad buys for the window of time decided by the client. To achieve this, ad ops work in synergy with sales, marketing and technology teams to ensure seamless execution of the advertising campaign. It is also responsible for real-time tracking of the advertising performance to make suggestions for any modifications needed to optimise the delivery of the campaign. 

Do you need ad operations?

With the ubiquity of digital media defining the future for the publishing industry, it is no secret that ad spends are expected to increase exponentially. To be precise, reports have predicted that the global internet advertising market is projected to touch $1,089 billion by the year 2027. This is bolstered with encouraging developments in the digital advertising landscape, including the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning that can help further deliver targeted campaigns to the right customers. By implementing an effective ad operation machinery, publishing companies can expect to generate faster turnaround times while employing strategic thinking at every step of the process to ensure that they remain a lucrative option for advertising clients. 

Why choose DCT Inc.?

If you are a publisher, you can leave the managing, optimisation and delivery of content to us. For companies looking to make progress on their revenue potential, DCT helps optimize your content with our campaign management capabilities. By offering comprehensive, end-to-end ad op services, we take care of programmatic and header bidding models as well as a wide roster of professional services that recognise your revenue needs and work on steadily increasing them. To read more about our partner case studies, click here.

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