AI Powered Cyber Security

by DCT
May 13th, 2022
AI Powered Cyber Security

Cybercriminals are always one step ahead of the cybersecurity industry. AI and machine learning can help to keep abreast with cybercriminals, automate threat detection, respond more effectively. 

In recent years, machine learning has been used to improve cybersecurity defences by analysing past data sets and identifying patterns of behaviour that can be used to identify potential threats and prevent them from happening. While machine learning-aided cybersecurity efforts have improved the ability of systems to detect threats, they also have created concerns about biases and data privacy.

Here are a few advantages and applications of using AI in cybersecurity:

AI Learns more over a period

AI is now being used to improve cybersecurity. It will not just be a one-time fix but will improve over time as it learns the patterns and clusters of behaviour. This is done by analyzing the network and identifying any potential threats.

What AI can do in cybersecurity is to learn more over a period of time, developing an understanding of what is normal and what could be a risk. It then recognizes patterns and clusters which are then analyzed by humans to identify any potential threats.

AI Can Handle a Lot of Data

AI will eventually be able to handle all the data that is being transferred between the business and the consumer. It will also be able to detect any threats that are out there.

Some mid-sized companies have a lot of traffic because they are in a niche market. However, this causes them to have more data than they can handle. With AI, they can detect threats in their system and make sure that their customers are not being attacked by bad actors

Duplicative Processes Reduce

AI is mimicking human qualities and leaving out shortcoming. It can take care of duplicative tasks and prevent them on a regular basis. For example, Google Translate is an AI that takes care of translating text from one language to another. It does this job in a much better way than humans can do because it has the capacity to translate any language at scale and with accuracy.

The future of AI will be more about mimicking the human qualities rather than just taking over the jobs that are repetitive and mundane.

Securing Authentication

Many websites have a log in feature that grants access to a profile. There is a need to add an extra level of security to prevent unauthorized access.  AI is the future of authentication. It ensures that people are not at risk of being attacked while browsing. It also uses biometric data to identify and authenticate the user.

The use of AI in biometrics helps users stay safe while browsing online with their devices. It also secures the authentication process by using facial recognition or fingerprint scanner. By doing so it uses it know whether the log in is genuine or not.

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