App Store Optimization – 7 lesser known facts about ASO

by DCT
December 26th, 2018
App optimization done using multiple devices

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the key to outdo your competitors and find your app on top search results of Google Play and Apple App Store. Akin to Search Engine Optimization, ASO should be leveraged and treated with priority for your apps. The internet is loaded with checklists for ASO, however we are about to share 7 lesser known facts that will blow your mind!

1) The time Google Play takes to get optimized is different from App Store

Apple App Store treats content upload for optimization as an entirely new update for the app and hence takes time to review, process and display. Usually three days to receive an approval and 24 hours for the app to show up after approval. App Store optimizes the app right away without a delay.

However, Google Play takes 4 weeks until optimization, although there is no review process. Therefore, Digital Convergence Technologies suggests it’s clients to never waste a day when it comes to ASO or SEO!

2) Firebase indexing is a must – and deep linking!

If you have a content-rich app, you should enable Firebase App Indexing to include your app in Google search results. It helps reengage your users through tight integration with google search. It surfaces your app through autocomplete.

If your user looks for a particular content on your app, Firebase Indexing brings up your app on Google Search results and when clicked automatically directs to the respective content on the app. That’s called deep-linking.

3) Downloads are more in Google Play and monetization in App Store

Develop apps for Google Play as well as App Store. Never rely on “either-or”. According to a report by Sensor Tower the App Store generates nearly double the revenue of Google Play and half the downloads.

4) Activities required for ASO are not a one-off event

We all know that Search Engine Optimization is a daily process, be it off-page SEO or on-page SEO. Not many know, but App Store Optimization is a monthly process including:

  • Updating title, subtitle and description according to the change in keywords trend
  • Updating images such that the displayed images don’t show older versions
  • Enabling deep links
  • Strategizing and enabling App localization

To receive detailed information on what we do for App Store Optimization contact Digital Convergence Technologies here.

5) ASO for iOS is not dependent on keyword density

iOS has its own “Keyword field” where we add highest ranking keywords with 100 characters max. On the other hand, Google picks up keywords from the content provided in the title and description. Digital Convergence Technologies uses AI based tools to help understand the ranking of keywords and optimize the field or content accordingly.

6) Video and Screenshots are the greatest attractions of all time

Ensure that your first 3 screenshots are the best and most important, describing the core purpose of your app. If it is a movie app, maybe your first image could outline the genre of the movies that your app contains.

7) Google Play has only one category as opposed to two in App Store

Google Play provides only a primary category, whereas Apple App Store provides a Primary and a secondary category. A bonus in Apple App Store is that a gaming application can be assigned 3 distinct categories.

Do you have apps that require App Store Optimization? Contacts us and we would be happy to give you a free audit of your app.

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