Skyarx is one of the leading content feedback platforms used by pharma enterprises across the world. Read more to see how revolutionized their processes so they could expand their offerings.

The Problem Statement

  • The content feedback process was archaic and manual, which Skyarx needed to digitize so that they could improve their services and enhance their pre- marketing strategies.
  • They required a holistic platform which their customers could use to stream their wide range of real estate based, on-demand courses.

Services Delivered

  • DCT built a lean delivery team structure and a reporting line up for the stakeholders at Skyarx to help them reduce the manual intervention across their processes. The product also helped Pharma clients take closed group surveys, get responses from defined advisory boards, enhance scientific materials based on advisory responses, for multiple document formats and generate automated reports.
  • DCT built an end to end on demand + live streaming platform with quick delivery through our product - dcafé.

USP's / Differentiators

  • Modern, mobile friendly UI and UX
  • Variety of survey types / feedback tools
  • Best in class reporting and dashboard views
  • Novel response methods