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BSE, (formerly known as the Bombay Stock Exchange), powers India’s traders, companies, brokers and online services with real-time data with billions of transactions. As a technology leader, BSE innovates the way the Indian economy trades currencies, debt instruments, derivatives and mutual funds.


For BSE, speed and reliability are not an options, but essentials that must be scaled to reach India’s vast population and geography. But the challenge is more than just caching static website content. Bseindia.com delivers dynamic stock, currency, and debt pricing data that must be updated in real-time, to thousands of software systems and brokers. Where there is money, there are threats. The openness of BSE’s information systems attracts a constant barrage of application attacks intent on finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in the exchange. Legacy firewall technologies failed to keep up with the evolving application stack. As a result, the user experience suffered and security engineering struggled to develop firewall rules ahead of the evolving threats.

BSE needed to achieve the following

  • Zero latency in data transfers
  • Agile software development and change management
  • Scalable, flexible application security


Using a unique Super Pop architecture in strategically placed interconnects across India’s telecom infrastructure, Our CDN solution optimized acceleration of dynamic content transfer at scale, such as uncacheable BSE content, including stock prices and data transfers across open API’s with brokers and third-party software systems.

Our Dual WAF firewall feature uses an exclusive parallel firewall instance, enabling BSE to rapidly test and propagate rule updates, strengthening perimeter security and minimizing false positives. With these new features and the powerful analytics and tools provided by our CDN solution, BSE transformed their CI/CD processes to improve turnaround times for new enhancements and configuration updates while strengthening their security agility.

Our Authoritative DNS solution, which is one of the fastest in the world, was implemented to improve the speed of DNS Resolution whilst maintaining DNSSEC.

Our network coverage in the region helped achieve significant improvements in webpage response and loading times, with gains in excess of 30% in certain underserved metro regions. Utilizing an array of detailed performance metrics and analytics information, BSE was able to improve cache hit ratios and reduce traffic back to their origin, controlling infrastructure costs and increasing ROI. Dual WAF & Rate Limiting reduced malicious traffic and further reduced the load on back end infrastructure and helped improve the efficiency of their operations.


  • Super PoP dynamic content acceleration
  • Dual Web Application Firewall and Rate-Limiting
  • Built-in analytics, logs, and reports
  • 30% improved performance across India
  • Simplified change management
  • Consistent Origin offload of over 75% and reduced infrastructure cost by over 50%

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