One of our highly acclaimed clients, Dazn is a leading digital sports content and media group. With 26 global offices, 1400+ staff and 1800+ distribution partners, this company has two main divisions: DAZN Content and DAZN Media.


DAZN followed a decentralized delivery model with offices in multiple countries. The challenge at hand was to reduce duplication of efforts and build a standardized workflow across their delivery centers.


DCT delivered a transnational model, which helped DAZN move away from a decentralized delivery model to a calibrated and redundancy-based team structure. This model was deployed across all their offices with global delivery teams, which are cross skilled across regions and are available to provide support with a true 24/7- model. DCT’s rich media team supported all creative ad requirements from creation to deployment and helped DAZN manage one of their largest ad server migrations for all their global sites, including rich media creatives. DCT team members travelled to DAZN’s offices around the world to ensure no production loss and smooth transition to the deployed models. The DCT team was also responsible for blocking fraudulent advertisers by analyzing reports from different tools. Over time, DCT built smart tools to help DAZN’s campaign managers reduce time to decision and create multiple level reports, offering deployable insights at their fingertips.


  • A robust 24/7 global operations team
  • A centralized delivery team
  • Built skill-based redundancies and worked with disparate business processed
  • Eliminated duplication of effort and costs due to multi-locations
  • Built and maintained detailed region-specific rules and documentation