Discovering your gold below the Fold: Viewability

by DCT
April 22nd, 2019
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What is viewability?

Viewability is a measure of whether or not an ad had a chance to be seen by a user. It gives marketers the base knowledge that their message was seen by providing metrics around the actual number of times an ad appeared in front of a user.

Viewable Impression Criteria:

The current industry standard for viewability, as defined by the Media Rating Council (MRC) and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB):

  • Display – A viewed impression is described as being at least 50% on screen for one second
  • Video – A video ad is viewable if at least 50% of it is visible on a user’s screen and plays for 2 consecutive seconds
  • Mobile – A viewed impression is described as being at least 30% on screen for one second

Why is Viewability important?

Avertising viewability rates in selected countries worldwide in 2017

Viewability is the new currency for advertising. Studies reveal that the ads which are viewable make a larger impact and more difference than non-viewable ad. If an ad is determined to have low viewability, marketers won’t have to pay as much for it, this saves them money on ineffective ads. Beyond the simple dollars and cents, viewability scores and metrics can be used to determine where ads are most effective (not only on websites, but also on social media, search engines, etc.), so marketers can continue to hone their marketing strategies.

ComScore report shows only 50% to 55% ads are viewable despite advertisers paying for them. Because of these factors, advertisers are beginning to demand that publishers quantify the percentage of their ads that are actually viewed and structure their advertising rates accordingly, and it is important for media companies to ensure that their ads are viewable so that they can keep their advertisers happy.

Why DCT?

We have successfully helped Publishers strategize to improve their viewability from 50% to 75% and for couple 80%. With help of industry best practices publishers have discovered their gold below the fold. These publishers have their CPM rate for ads below the fold higher compared to above the fold.

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