Finding your flow on a low day.

by DCT
August 16th, 2022

Perhaps lately, it’s been hard to find a feeling of fulfilment, happiness, or pleasure.

How can we make our daily job more meaningful, enjoyable and even make room for occasional moments of creativity and avoid frequent distractions and uncertainty?

Having a “flow” can be beneficial.

The mental state in which a person conducting an activity is entirely immersed with an energised focus, full involvement, and enjoyment of the activity is described as a flow state in positive psychology, or “being in the zone,” according to Wikipedia.

How to find your flow

This blog states that flow is linked to overall happiness, life satisfaction, and subjective well-being. It has a direct impact on workplace motivation, productivity, and brand loyalty.

However, getting into flow is not always simple or spontaneous. It’s a complex process that needs the ideal circumstances.

You can create your flow state by following these simple steps:

1. Timing is crucial.

It will feel like an uphill battle if you attempt to enter a flow state while you are worn out and tired. You’ll find it more difficult to stay focused and more easy to become side-tracked. Decide when you are at your most creative and energetic or get straight into your flow state after a break.

2. Minimize external distractions

You cannot enter flow until you have given your full concentration for at least 15 minutes. In fact, it’s been estimated that it takes us, on an average, 25 minutes to regain our focus after becoming distracted. It’s imperative that you turn off all alarms and notifications on your phone and put it away.

3.Eliminate internal distractions

Inability to focus is the enemy of flow. It’s really challenging to keep focused on the task at hand when we’re under stress or have too much on our minds. For mental clarity, try a ten-minute meditation and daily journaling to get thoughts out of your head.

4. Listen to the right kind of music

Wearing headphones while listening to music reduces internal and external distractions, which helps keep your mind from wandering. Select music that is repetitive or well-known with few voices that won’t interfere with your thinking or play a single song repeatedly.

5. Focus on a single task

Multitasking is the reverse of flow and moving between tasks will keep you from entering the zone. Plan for your work in advance and stick to it.

6.Establish a clear goal.

In addition to being aware of the following point, you must have a clear reason for concentrating on the work, such as concluding a project, producing a piece of material, or completing a strategy or plan.

Try it out!

Realistically speaking, with more duties and schooling of our children on the horizon for many of us, finding your flow, even for an hour or two, may be challenging to achieve. But getting into the right frame of mind to finally finish a chore or activity that you may have been avoiding could really help you save time, complete that assignment, and feel accomplished.

Here is an inspiring quote to conclude this blog.

“To be able to concentrate for a considerable time is essential to difficult achievement.” – Bertrand Russell

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