How a CDN pushes your OMS to the next level

by DCT
August 18th, 2021
How CDN can boost an OMS

Irrespective of the level you are at in the content delivery game, wouldn’t it be great if you could scale up and deliver to your audience irrespective of geographies? This is where CDNs come in and help an OTT Management System (OMS) streamline business operations, optimise distribution processes, decrease unnecessary overhead expenses, control website traffic spikes and reach a larger audience. Before CDNs, businesses would invest in heavy, expensive physical servers that would prove ineffective after a particular level of scaling up. With a CDN, content providers get access to secure servers scattered across their countries or even several countries so that they can put copies of their video data (or any kind of data) onto them. In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at how a robust CDN can add multiple layers of efficiency to existing OMS platforms, allowing them to reach the right audience with the right content with the least roadblocks.

Faster delivery of content

CDNs make distances obsolete because of server placement concerning the user. This reduces latency and ensures faster load times, irrespective of geography. 

More simultaneous users

A CDN can ensure that your network has a high data threshold, allowing multiple users to access the content on multiple screens without experiencing delays and ensuring traffic flow isn’t affected due to user overload on media servers.

Constant availability and security

CDN servers are constantly running, which means your platform is available even when your servers are down, where the CDN effectively uses cached pages and eliminates inaccessibility. No more oops, the title cannot be played at the moment.

Reliable delivery of content

CDNs provide high-quality content delivery, irrespective of the type of content and audience size, which ensures that your platform is up and running even during peak periods with minimal glitches. This ensures your audience can enjoy the best possible quality of viewing, irrespective of the types of screens and number of people accessing the content from around the world.


The backend of a CDN can provide data about your users that you can use to monetise, strategize what content to invest in, revamp your pricing models and target newer geographies.

Control over asset delivery

With a CDN monitoring your assets, it can allocate extra bandwidth during peak periods or even across specific locations to make sure things are always running smoothly.


Global IP traffic volumes registered in 2017 are projected to nearly triple by year-end 2022, jumping from 122,000 petabytes to 396,000 petabytes monthly with the video share of the flow going from 75 percent to 82 percent. With video content on the rise, you can strategize which content to push to which users, with exclusive content providing excellent opportunities for monetisation.

With our partner’s CDN services, your OMS can be elevated to the next level, the results of which will reflect in your operations, your user satisfaction and eventually your bottom lines. To take a look at how we’ve employed tech solutions across multiple verticals of businesses across geographies, click here.

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