How Product Engineering helps tackle Digital Transformation challenges

by DCT
September 9th, 2022

Having a strong digital presence is crucial for success today. Lots of businesses have sped up their adoption of digital technologies in recent years. Regardless of the attitudes they had towards digital transformation in the pre-pandemic era, every business now realizes that they need digital capabilities.

After organizations spend a lot of time and money in getting the right technologies and tools, they often ignore the performance side of things.

Digital transformation might be the current need of the hour, but you need product engineering to drive your success.

Challenges related to Digital Transformation 

Digital transformation can lead to time and money savings. However, organizations need to have a more efficient and robust strategy for addressing quality issues – product engineering!

Product engineering is a powerful weapon you can use in tackling key challenges of digital transformation and should be considered by all companies looking to keep up with the latest trends.

  • Seemingly, the problem is clear. There is a lack of alignment between digital transformation efforts and the broader business goals.
  • Consider the international logistics necessary to make it a global practice
  • Missing knowledge and lack of right skills to effectively use, manage, and monitor emerging technologies make digital transformation difficult for many companies.

Mechanisms such as edge computing and multi-cloud storage bring about digital transformation for organizations. They can enhance efficiency, accelerate releases, and help your business fulfill the promises of a typical digital world. But you should use them the right way for them to be a success – otherwise it could end up being another expensive failure.

The performance engineering perspective for digital transformation 

Product engineering with digital transformation can help organizations to offer the triple benefit of speed, quality, and performance without compromising on either of them. 

Product Engineering is a Quality Engineering perspective. Performance testing needs to be done as early on as possible. By creating an end product that performs ahead of time, it can help you avoid bugs and unclear expectations. Performance is a key focus of all stages of the design, development and release process. By doing so, we have enabled organisations to deliver products that provide a level of performance which is on par with what their consumers would expect. while guaranteeing high customer satisfaction, controlled costs, and desired ROI. 

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