How To Choose The Perfect CDN For Your Business

by DCT
May 3rd, 2021
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When was the last time you saw a video on any online platform? If the answer is not today, it’s sometime in the last week. Today, online video distribution and consumption are more popular than ever. Entrepreneurs, businesses, community groups, and every other organization you can think of is making videos to put themselves out there. With the propagation of technology and platforms (to both the content creator and audience) everyone can become a quality broadcaster. From live streaming to subscription-based content models, if you’re wondering which Content Delivery Network is the one for you, you’ve come to the right place. 

The purpose of a CDN is single and absolute – to deliver data to your audience. When we get into the specifics is when a world of possibilities open up, making picking the right CDN a tough choice. Technically speaking, a CDN is made of a vast network of servers that exist across multiple locations across the planet. Nowadays, CDNs have become a pre-requisite for businesses delivering vast quantities of content to their audience because of their multiple benefits. CDNs distribute data loads across multiple servers, thus increasing speed, reducing buffering time and avoiding potential server crashes.

Now that we’ve covered what a CDN does, let’s get to how you can pick the perfect one to justify your business needs.

1. Type of content to be disseminated

As you might presume, different types of content require different delivery solutions. Video content requires much more bandwidth than static content, and this need increases exponentially when your content is dynamic, personalised or live. Depending on the content size and the customers it is broadcasted to, pick a CDN that does justice more to the quality of content disseminated rather than blindly trusting the size of its network. 

2. Network size

Since we’re on the topic of network size, simply put, the more servers you have, the faster and more reliable your content delivery is. We live in an increasingly globalized, interconnected world, so if your content is global with audiences living across the planet, put your trust in a global CDN service provider. If such is not the case, custom localised solutions can work to your advantage too.

3. Customer support

As content delivery is a 24×7 business, pick a distributor that offers 24×7 support services too. Look for in-house tech teams that understand the nature of your business and offer extensive analytics and support.

4. Pricing

Look for affordable and transparent pricing that does justice to the deliverables while choosing a CDN. Pricing is usually determined by usage, pricing per GB, region-based pricing or custom pricing models that depend on the services delivered. Whatever the model, pick one that matches your delivery outcome and requirement.

5. Multi-CDN solutions

Multi-CDN networks help protect broadcasters and content providers against slowdowns and downtime by rerouting traffic through multiple networks. Also, adding CDN capacity in multiple geographic locations guarantees that content is loading as fast as possible regardless of the end user’s location. To know more about multi-CDN solutions, click here

After reading, we hope you feel equipped to choose the right CDN service provider. For more questions about how our robust CDN can power your business, contact us here.

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