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Hungama Digital Media Entertainment is the largest aggregator, developer, publisher, distributor of Bollywood and digital entertainment in India. It has a digital distribution network across 32 countries with over 150 direct networks.


Being the largest aggregator in India with an establishment that started 15 years ago explains why Hungama had a complex architecture that had been built over a long period of time. This architecture didn’t focus on the cost of the ingress and midgress traffic, giving Hungama no control over the system, which caused severe escalations.


The integration took place with Edgio providing their CDN expertise and Microsoft Azure providing their cloud storage. Edgio has a global footprint and specialises in its CDN services. The solution provided was a Dual WAF, DDoS Shield and Rate Limiting. We realised that the combination of Edgio’s CDN and Azure’s storage capabilities competed head on with the previous solution used by Hungama, because of their security and performance standards. DCT in comparison to the previously used solution, brought down costs by 40% and completely eliminated the ingress and midgress costs, giving Hungama a simplified and integrated architecture. The solution cut Hungama’s costs by generating costs only for Edge traffic.


  • Super PoP dynamic content acceleration
  • Dual Web Application Firewall and Rate-Limiting
  • Built-in analytics, logs, and reports
  • Simplified change management
  • DDoS mitigation and response
  • Zero ingress and midgress charges

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