Looking to improve your motivation at work? Go, take a walk!

by DCT
July 29th, 2022

As simple as it may appear, walking is one of the finest things you can do throughout the workday to boost your motivation. A new study finds that taking a few lunch time walks per week has a significant positive impact on mood, making individuals feel more motivated, enthusiastic, calm, and confident. This is excellent news for businesses whose employees are more productive when they take breaks from computers. Employees are frequently too burdened by their workload to take breaks, and employers don’t always do much to discourage these work habits.

The next time you need a brief refresher before diving back into a big project, consider these three scientific studies.

1.Feel more satisfied with your career and life.

Scientists have consistently demonstrated that people who exercise feel more alert, confident, and energetic than those who do not. Those benefits carry over to the workplace.
People who walked for half an hour three times a week during lunch felt a lot better, according to recent research.
• They appeared to be less tense.
• They were more enthusiastic and calmer
• They were able to handle their job better than on days when they couldn’t get in a 30-minute walk.
Pro Tip: If you have a large project coming up, go for a lunchtime walk to clear your mind before diving in.

2.Come up with new and innovative ideas.

What should you do if you need to come up with new ideas or gain a new perspective on a problem? Of course, go for a walk!
Walking meetings have been used by innovators like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jack Dorsey to extract the finest ideas from themselves and others.
“Walking encourages the free flow of ideas and is a simple and effective way to achieve the aims of increasing creativity and physical exercise,” say researchers.
The experts believe that movement improves people’s mood, which allows them to think more creatively. Furthermore, concentrating on movement diverts attention away from linear thinking, allowing walkers’ thoughts to drift to new ideas.
Pro tip: Before your next brainstorming session, go for a walk. It will help you relax your mind and body in preparation for creative thinking.

3. Increase your ability to pay attention.

Many experts have researched whether walking or other forms of exercise are beneficial to the brains of the young, elderly, and everyone in between. The answer is, in general, yes – it does. Low-impact exercise, it turns out, has a variety of positive effects, regardless of whether your brain is developing, maintaining its current state, or even declining.
Even the simplest activity, such as a calm mid-day walk with a co-worker, helps form new connections between brain cells, according to researchers. It also promotes the growth of cells, resulting in increased brain capacity.
Pro Tip: Take advantage of this effective method to boost your attention and cognitive ability during your next coffee break. Take a walk multiple times during the workweek to keep your mind bright and productive. It promotes brain and body health while improving focus, creativity, and productivity — as well as encouraging a happy mood.

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