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MyTethys is a platform that academics beyond its conventional definition by bringing in real-life insights and education from industry leaders. By working closely with them, students get a chance to sharpen their skillset giving them a competitive edge over others in the market.


The client knew that bridging the gap between theoretical courses and practical industrial experiences would be a tough task. This obstacle existed because of the traditional methods of schooling with regular assignments. Students spent all their energy and resources in the completion of assignments, which eventually turned obsolete in the fast-moving space of technology.


At DCT we understand the client to the core, as we share the same passion for problem solving. From the very beginning, we aligned the whole team to materialize the client’s vision. At every step we provided a set of closely monitored services such as

  • Online Internships
  • Online Virtual Classrooms
  • Online Courses & Certification
  • Media Delivery
  • Assignment Time Tracking and Billing
  • Profile Feedback and Review
  • Skills Endorsements & Review
  • Student Profile Creation
  • Online Tools Accessibility
  • Project Management Tools


  • Unparalleled Responsive Support
  • Flat Hierarchy
  • Seamless Deployments
  • 30% improved Robust Disaster Recovery

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