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Northstar Travel Group (NTG) is the leading B2B information and marketing solutions company serving all segments of the travel industry including leisure, retail, corporate, business travel and travel technology. The company’s portfolio comprises of media brands, digital media, online subscription information services, business intelligence, SaaS e-commerce software and content marketing solutions.


NTG has been one of the key clients for DCT, but as a solutions provider. we continue to be tested. The requirements of this market leader in the travel industry, needed a global business services model to be deployed for multiple functions within the company and create a full-service agency support structure.


Business Intelligence:

Northstar customer registrant portal integrating CRM and GA data.

  • Built a e2e visualization portal with an enterprise view for all NTG management and stakeholders including a ranking system.
  • DCT also built granular unique client-specific dashboards which could only be accessed by NTG’s clients and could use them to track their team performance across multiple products, timeline set ups and program completion status.

Corporate Travel Calculator: As a leader in the travel industry, Northstar provides ready to use and updated information for Global Travel managers.

  • The existing method was a link to long pdfs and travel managers had to peruse through multiple pdfs to get the right information
  • DCT built a web-based real-time, quick, easy-to-use, and interactive dashboard has reduced the time to use and consume the data drastically
  • Basis the selections, managers can now export their selected data into excel or pdfs All these selections were further tracked and integrated with Google Analytics to understand the dashboard usage, behavior and patterns.

Web-based gated tool for a Salary survey across multiple domains and years.

Sales Guide for all verticals at Northstar to reduce the time to market and analyze.


Ad Operations management:

  • Supported the US and China teams across multiple sites for ad ops trafficking management.

Engineering support:

  • Ad Hoc Kentico tech support to manage all Kentico based websites.
  • Dedicated Clojure tech support for maintenance and integration with legacy platforms.

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