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DCT works with a class-leading content feedback solution in the pharmaceutical industry. They allow feedback from a community of advisors on scientific content, clinical approaches, and market strategies.


Over a period of time they manually gathered content feedback reports which were largely in PPT and PDF formats. They wanted a solution that could help them digitize their entire workflow, helping them maintain an advisor community and gather online feedback on scientific content, clinical approaches and market surveys, to enhance their pre-marketing strategies.


  • Build an end to end product using a multi-tenant architecture for multiple brands, with their branding guidelines :
  1. UX/UI
  2. Development: Responsive cross-device and cross-platform application allowing the advisor to submit a response on clinical scientific content, clinical approaches and marketing strategies.
  • QA, UAT, Deployment
  • Worked with 3rd party service providers, such as :
  1. Attachment Scanner: to scan the uploaded decks/documents.
  2. PDFtron to automate PPTx conversion to images and documents to PDF.
  3. Mandrill for sending transactional emails.


The portal was used by HCP, Advisors, KOL.
Content feedback was gathered through PPTX, document, video, virtual meetings etc.
We Gathered KOL data from their social handles, primarily through Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • We integrated and implemented a KOL rating.
  • Delivered a variety of survey types/feedback tools.
  • Provided best in class reporting and dashboard views, novel response methods and client/brand level tenancy.

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