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One of our valued customers positioned as the No.1 marketing services company in South Asia wanted us to completely revamp their end-clients hospital websites. This client happened to be a multi-speciality, multi-location hospital chain that provides a full range of hi-end medical services to patients, across the globe.


DCT was asked to redesign and develop the hospital’s website from the ground up, reflecting the massive changes that are sweeping the healthcare industry today.

Primarily, we were assigned the following key tasks:

  • To build a website that would count among one of the top hospital sites across the globe, both in terms of website features and in providing an ultimate ‘one-stop’ patient experience.
  • Re-designing their suite of websites to strongly differentiate between their corporate site (parent website) and their other location-based sites (dealing in specific service and speciality information).
  • Organize content with a funnel-down approach, so that a patient who is surfing the site “with intent,” looking for a specific bit of information would be able to zero in on a particular spot.
  • To implement an architecture that would enable the hospital admin to manage and update their content in real-time.


Planning, Project Management and Training:

DCT assisted the hospital in naming and laying out the site map in order to ensure there was a logical order to the complex maze of multiple locations, departments and services with the objective of making the websites simple to use and navigate from the patients perspective. 

Content Management Systems:

The site was built from the ground up using multiple CMS viz Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Kentico CMS, a comprehensive content management software that allows contributors to create and edit their content whilst leaving site administrators with a minimalistic task of overall CMS management. 

Implemented Recommendations:

Besides recommending this industry benchmarked, patient and staff validated CMS, we customized the software to their specific needs, while throwing in additional features to keep the online property updated and to increase the brand equity by constantly engaging patients with new information, updates, stories and breaking news related to the healthcare sector.


The redesigned website was well-received and delivered the following, ROI driven results to our end-client:

  • A unified user experience
  • Easy navigation
  • Scalability in terms of design and architecture, making possible future additions to the site
  • Lowered maintenance costs and flexibility, so that the hospital staff could manage updates without the supervision of the technical staff
  • Informative-rich and rewarding experience to the site visitors
  • Addition of Google Analytics code with which the hospital admin can track visitors and make note of the increased traffic – mainly due to the DCT team’s SEO implementation.

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