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Using Technology to Transform the Future of Business

DCT caters to the digitization needs of brands/businesses. In 2006, Vineet Dhawan trend-spotted the need to go digital, and an OTT gap in media/entertainment. He partners with customers/clients and helps them achieve growth. From conceptualization to product marketing, Vineet comes experienced in business life cycles. He believes in lasting partnerships and competent industry-grade products. Through dcafé, he provides content aggregators with solutions to handle technical aspects (streaming management and end-to-end systems). He prioritises adaptability, and trust.

Over-The-Top Success

From making global strides in OTT through dcafé to providing digitization tech solutions to businesses/brands through DCT, Maushmi and Vineet Dhawan have seen growth even during the pandemic, and its challenges. Their adaptability and forethought evolved their online multi-platform management systems and marketing strategies, resulting in simplified interfacing and enviable monetization opportunities in the OTT sector. They believe OTT and full-digitization is the future.