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DCT collaborated with a media company that offers custom services for many in the U.S. Agricultural sector and about 150 countries around the world through Print, Digital, Events, Data, and Business Services.


The requirements of this market leader in the Global agricultural industry, needed a global business services model to be deployed for multiple functions within the company and create a full-service agency support structure.

Services Delivered

DCT offers the following services:

  • Digital  Ad operations: Includes trafficking and modifications. 
  • Newsletters: Ad placements on newsletter templates.
  • Native Ad setups: Ad placements on native articles.
  • Native Article setups 
  • Webinar and eDirect setups through Omeda
  • Custom Reporting and visualization
  • Monthly recon of all billing reports

Key Differentiators

  • Ad operations for all digital properties– Newsletter ad ops Webinars and eDirect management
  • Creating and scheduling them in Omeda.

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