Right to a Brighter Tomorrow

by DCT
December 9th, 2021
Right to a Brighter Tomorrow

As Human Rights Day approaches, we dive deeper into this year’s theme, EQUALITY. A simple word but a word that as a society we have had many difficulties in comprehending and pursuing. Today, we take you through a few thought-provoking ways in which we can reduce inequalities and advance human rights.

Breaking Cycles of Poverty

Rather than being overwhelmed by the rampant poverty that surrounds us, take small steps in addressing it. How can you do that? Start in simple ways, don’t make your maid take a loss of pay if they take a day off. Give them the same sick leaves you would to your other employees. Rethink their pay structure to include benefits and overtime schemes that employees of the higher rank receive. Starting simple can help shake away structural discrimination, right?

Sustainable Development

As leaders of multinational companies, we often think in terms of economic growth, but the time has come for us to think of ecological growth as well. In small but immeasurable ways, reduce the waste you leave behind. From party planning that uses bio-degradable decorative and cutleries to giving gifts and using everyday stationeries that are bio-degradable, make your workspace more eco-conscious.

Equal Opportunities Across the Gender Spectrum

Look into your company’s hiring policies and challenge them to rethink them if need be. This means, look not at a person’s sexual orientation or their gender, but look more into are they or are not qualified enough to be taken into consideration for the role you’re offering. When a society/company has people across the gender spectrum in decision-making capacities, it reduces inequalities and societal crises.

Reinventing the Fabric of Education

Evolving curriculums are the need of the hour for the children of tomorrow. From including financial literacy to eco-conservation, there are many subjects that need to take the place of those that are of no real use in life. Sex education and instilling values are of utmost importance too. Lay your support to institutions that are adapting their education and help them make learning more interactive and engaging. 

Seeing Past Our Kind, To All Kinds

All species regardless of humankind or not, have a right to co-exist. The only way we can leave behind a better tomorrow is if we protect our biodiversity. This includes something as simple as keeping stray dogs well-fed to going on Olive Ridley turtle walks. If you want to make a larger impact, go ahead and talk to your local corporation about taking responsibility for the trees in your neighbourhood.

Through many such simple but constructive ways, you can leave behind a brighter tomorrow for the future generation. Maybe, the only legacy they need at the time is the protection and enrichment of their bioethical and environmental rights.

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