Say YES! To appreciation at Workplace

by DCT
October 28th, 2022

We all enjoy being recognised. And almost all of us feel warm when someone says “thanks, you did a very excellent job,” whether or not, we’re prepared to accept it.

One of the most powerful motivators in the workplace is appreciation, which is also one of the most powerful activities. People desire to work harder in the future when you express gratitude for their effort. A lack of appreciation is a major factor in employee turnover, so it stands to reason that if a worker doesn’t feel valued, they’ll probably start looking for work elsewhere.

However, the value of appreciation goes well beyond the workplace. It seeps into every aspect of existence. Recognizing spontaneous acts of kindness and being appreciative when a buddy performs you a huge favour are two examples of how gratitude makes people feel good and inspires them to continue performing good deeds for others. It’s an upward spiral.

Additionally, gratitude can have a favourable effect on ourselves in addition to the influence it has on others.
Therefore, we’d like to look at this in greater detail, and not simply from the viewpoint of the workplace. We’ll look at how striving to live our lives with a bit more appreciation might affect both ourselves and others.

Understanding appreciation psychology
Why does receiving praise make someone feel so good? This can be divided into five separate components.

  • We are appreciated
  • People can see us.
  • People like us
  • We perceive a sense of purpose.
  • We sense a bond between us

Humans are validation-seeking creatures that adore receiving love. What better approach to foster such emotion than to let someone know that their actions are admirable and that we appreciate them for them?

It is understandable that so many individuals look for methods to express appreciation because it is such a potent weapon for bringing happiness to others. especially when it comes to motivating employees to perform well at work.
Therefore, if you want your employees to do well, it is imperative that you express your gratitude to them. Appreciation must be heartfelt in order to be effective.

This method might not always allow you to express gratitude for every event you see. But when you do, it will be genuine. And when you truly express your gratitude, you’ll see that it may have a significant, beneficial effect both at work and beyond.

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