Top benefits of Gratitude at Workplace

by DCT
November 18th, 2022

We’re embracing National Gratitude Month in November to appreciate the good things in life rather than dwell on the bad.

Although the term “gratitude” may not be used frequently at work, it should nonetheless not be overlooked. Gratitude has a significant influence in the success of an organisation through improved mood, increased productivity, stronger relationships, and a happier staff.

In the conclusion, cultivating gratitude at work can help you develop stronger bonds with your co-workers and with the task you do every day. Therefore, stop for just a bit, express thanks, and read our list of the top 5 benefits of gratitude in the workplace.

It values individuals over talents.

Recognize employees’ humour or their ability to start a conversation about their after-hours voluntary activities to show your appreciation. Soft “perks” like flexible work schedules are another method to express appreciation for dedication, and comparable actions may have a good effect on your team’s performance and happiness.

It creates more capable leaders.

It promotes joyful feelings and pleasant emotions, which can lead to improved engagement and fruitful workplace interactions. All of this could be quite beneficial for your company. According to a study, when leaders express appreciation for their workers’ contributions, employees perform 50% better. Win-win situation.

Everyone can find something there.

Workplaces bring together a variety of people, each with their own histories, communication preferences, and skill sets. It is the responsibility of the employer to take these individual characteristics into account and to show appreciation in a variety of ways.

It builds relationships.

One method to improve connections with people, especially those you work with, is to embrace gratitude. Looking for a quick strategy to improve your professional relationships? Say “Thank you.” Expressing gratitude is a straightforward yet powerful way to let someone know that their action (or person) was significant and meaningful to you, whether it be via email, a handwritten note, or face-to-face conversation.


Expressing gratitude is a powerful thing. It’s more than just praise and encouraging feedback, it also creates a strong bond between colleagues. An important aspect of being grateful is that the feeling it creates can be contagious. For example, a simple ‘thank you’ can create new opportunities or connections.

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